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About Us

Marlborough Radio Services was established in 1977 by three engineers in Marlborough Street, Leeds to independently service and supply two-way radio equipment. At that time Pye, Storno, Marconi, ITT, Farnell, Burndept, Motorola, GEC and Dymar all had depots in Leeds, but provided support only for their own brand equipment - Marlborough could support every brand - and without financial bias!

Over the years the roll call of manufacturers has changed and shrunk, but we have remained and grown in Leeds.

Marlborough and Motorola

We were first appointed an Authorised Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer in 1987 and have continuously maintained this status, more recently also winning the accolades of Motorola Approved Solution Provider and Motorola Approved Distribution Partner. We are now one of around 50 Authorised Motorola Dealers nationwide and we are the only dealership located in West Yorkshire. We were elected as founder members of The Council of Motorola Dealers, a representative body to oversee the interface between Motorola and their independent Authorised Dealer network, a position we have never relinquished.

Why Motorola

Whilst our company does not exclusively supply Motorola products, we feel that for most of our customers, the quality and value for money offered by the Motorola portfolio of products is difficult to beat. Motorola may not always carry the lowest initial capital outlay, but their products are robust, reliable and require little more than routine maintenance. Put simply they keep going longer for less than the competition.

Marlborough Rentals

In addition to the sales and maintenance operation offered by Marlborough Radio Services, the Marlborough Group also includes a radio leasing company, Marlborough Rentals Limited which specialises in the long and short-term rental of Motorola radio products.